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RepertoireAiyun Huang Repertoire


 Le Corps à Corps  Georges Aperghis  Zarb and Voice
 Graffitis  Georges Aperghis  Multiple percussion and voice
 Temazcal  Javier Alvarez  Maracas and CD playback
 That which is bodiless
 is Reflected in Bodies
 Matthew Burtner  Percussion and 2 channels
 Child of Tree  John Cage  Objects
 Désastre  Inouk Demers  Multiple percussion (metal only)
 Un Chien Dehors  Jean-Pierre Drouet  Marimba, 4 tom-toms and voice
 ?Corporel  Vinko Globokar  Body and Voice
 Toucher  Vinko Glookar  7 unspecified instruments and Voice
 Verve  Chris Paul Harman  Marimba
 Ming  Alice Ping-Yee Ho  Percussion
 Drum Control  Thomas Kessler  Percussion and electronics
 Le Livre de Clavier  Philippe Manoury  Vibraphone
 Sketchbook II  Kuei-Ju Lin  Vibraphone and percussion
 Silver Streetcar Orchestra  Alvin Lucier  Triangle
 Autumn Island  Roger Reynolds  Marimba
 To the Earth  Frederic Rzewski  Flower Pots
 Distentio  Valerio Sannicandro  Vibraphone
 Six Japanese Gardens  Kaija Sarriaho  Percussion and live electronics
 Aubade  Heather Schmidt  Marimba
 Bongo-O  Roberto Sierra  Bongo
 Links No. 5  Stuart Smiths  Vibraphone mainly
 Broken Allegory  Scott Wilson  Percussion and live electronics
 Rogosanti  James Wood  Percussion and voice

In Gottes Garten Schweigen die Engel Brian Cherney Perc ensemble
Ma’mounia Heinz Holliger Perc, piano, cello, horn, clar. Flute

Water Concerto Tan Dun Percussion solo and full orchestra
From me flow what you call time  Toru Takemitsu Five percussion soloist and full orchestra
Concerto for marimba, piano and strings Larysa Kuzmenco Marimba, Vibe and small string orchestra

Toca Loca Repertoire (Piano and Percussion): Please visit

Workers Union Louis Andreissen Unspecified instrumentation
Requiem furtif Georges Aperghis Violin and Claves
Sonata for 2 pianos & percussion Bela Bartok Piano, percussion, timpani
Linea Luciano Berio Piano, marimba and vibraphone
Music for 18 musicians Steve Reich Large Ensemble
Coming Together Frederic Rzewski Unspecified
Kontakte Karlheinz Stockhausen Piano, percussion and electronics
Komboi Iannis Xenakis Harpsichord and percussion

 Signals Intelligence  Christopher Adler  Sextet
 Les Guetteurs de Sons  Georges Aperghis  Trio
 Amores  John Cage  Trio plus prepared piano
 Credo in Us  John Cage  Piano, Radio and percussion
 First Construction  John Cage  Sextet plus assistant
 Third Construction  John Cage  Quartet
 Double Music  John Cage/Lou Harrison  Quartet
 Living Room Music  John Cage  Quartet
 Ostinato Pianissimo  Henry Cowell  8 players
 Variations Sur un texte de Victor Hugo  Jean-Pierre Drouet  Quartet
 Récontre Amicale  Jean-Pierre Drouet  2 trios
 Attraction  Jean-Pierre Drouet  2 player
 Fanfare for Klaus Huber  Brian Ferneyhough  2 player
 Patty Cake  Sean Griffin  2 player
 Adieu, notre petite table  Sean Griffin  2 player
 Strings Attached  Erik Griswold  Sextet
 Concertino  Chris Paul Harman  Large Ensemble and keyboards
 Dressur  Mauricio Kagel  Trio
 Music for Pieces of Wood  Steve Reich  Quintet
 Drumming  Steve Reich  Percussion, Voice and piccolo
 Rain Tree  Toru Takemitsu  Trio
 Ionisation  Edgard Varèse  13 percussion
 Stonewave  Rolf Wallin  Trio/Sextet
 Okho  Iannis Xenakis  Trio
 Pléiades  Iannis Xenakis  Sextet
 Persephassa  Iannis Xenakis   Sextet